Braga Theatro Circo

Portugal, 2006

The Theatro Circo was established in 1911 and opened on April 21st, 1915, coinciding with a period of great economic and social development in Braga. It was continued to provide a diversified program of theater, cinema, opera, ballet, music, exhibitions and training sessions.

Over the decades, space was readapted to new requirements imposed by the evolution of the times and acquired new qualities, most notably the installation of sound cinema.

The refurbishment process began in 1999, with the Theatro Circo undergoing profound works of restoration and rehabilitation, aimed at the conversion of the Theatro Circo into a large cultural complex, equipped with the most current and complete scenic and sound technology, able to meet the needs of contemporary art in its many dimensions.

In addition to the main hall with a capacity of 897 seats, the building was complemented with two new rooms: one small auditorium with 236 seats and a rehearsal room.

This whole process is culminated on October 27th, 2006, with the reopening of Theatro Circo, at a time of celebration marked by the performance of the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, which gave the city an unusual and magnificent room with beautiful architecture hard to be overcome by any other room, be it Portuguese or European.