Guangdong TV Studio

Guangzhou, 2016

Established in 1959, Guangdong TV station (GDTV) is one of the earliest, fastest developed and the most influential provincial mainstream media.

On April 23rd , 2014, Guangdong TV station, former Southern Radio and Television Media Group, Guangdong Broadcasting Station and Southern TV station merged to form the Guangdong Radio and Television Station.

This project is a new-built TV studio, it covers 1600㎡.

Main equipment include:

7-meter multifunctional composite horizontal hoist 6 sets

8-meter multifunctional composite horizontal hoist 23 sets

2.5 –meter moveable revolving hoist 112 sets

Motorized chain hoist 40 units

Moveable point hoist 120 units

Computer frequency conversion control system 1 set