Serapid LinkLift

LinkLift rigid chain is the world top lifting system, which is globally recognized as the shallow pit lifting system.

Serapid LinkLift rigid chain is the world top lifting system, which is globally recognized as the shallow pit lifting system. Up to now, LinkLift has become the standard of load capacity, lifting height, safety indicators, reliability, and flexibility. It can be used in all kinds of venues which needs lifting, including lifting platform, orchestra lift, a chorus of lifting steps etc. 

The mechanical principle of the LinkLift consists in moving a special chain from its horizontal storage position into its vertical working position in order to lift the load. The links are block-shaped with a square cross-section, and the center of gravity is right in the geometric center. The chain is driven by 2 or 4 twin pinions in the driving house. The vertical guide rail in the driving house aims to ensure linear movement and chain link locking.

The extraordinary performance makes LinkLift stand out among others when facing a harsh environment of a complicated project. With a full range of products, LinkLift can meet the various requirements of stage lifting system.


—Full range of products

Different types of products could meet different specifications requirements. The maximum dynamic load of each column of standard LinkLift is 200kN; maximum travel distance is 7m, after simple configuration the travel distance could reach up to 20m.


LinkLift not only complies with all safety standards issued by the entertainment industry but can also bears the additional tension, such as earthquakes and maritime environment force, making it the priority as the yacht lifting system.

—Reliability and life span

Its excellent mechanical gearings deliver outstanding performance in harsh industry environment and guaranteed long service life and low maintenance costs.

—Speed and noise

The movement of the chain depends on the rotation of the shaft, so as to produce various speeds. Due to its special design, LinkLift possesses excellent acoustic characteristics. Standard speed is 0.2m / s, maximum up to 0.3m / s.

Key benefits of the LinkLift:

heavy load capacity. long stroke

high stability and rigidity

entirely mechanical

telescopic, space saving

works in tension and compression

accurate repeatable positioning in millimeter range

standard speeds up to 300 mm/s, higher on demand

maintains position with no drift

smooth motion and uniform speed

high reliability and long life with low maintenance

flexible configuration, easy installation

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