Shanghai, 2015

Proscenium width 16m* height 11.6m* depth 23.5m.

Located by No.66 Jiangning Road, Shanghai, the Majestic Theatre was built in the year of Republic of China 30 (1941). It was named as Mei Qi after its completion, meaning magnificent and flawless like a jade. The Majestic Theatre has a certain reputation at home and abroad. It is a multifunctional theatre performs large-scale opera, ballet, music and dancing shows in Shanghai, and also it is a cultural exchange venue for domestic and foreign fairs.

Refurbished in 2015, the Majestic Theatre keeps the old external outlook as before and reserved its modern and contemporary historical and architectural features. However, it presents a new appearance inside the building with

upgraded stage facilities and audio equipment and other hardware. After the transformation of the Majestic Theatre, changes will undergo in the repertoire arrangement, artistic style, and other aspects. More domestic and foreign classic musicals and stage play will be attracted by the continuous and multi Performance Season concept to perform here. It will become the core theater of Modern Drama Valley located in Jiangning Road Cultural District, which is the key cultural project of Shanghai 13th Five-Year plan.

Equipment list:

proscenium curtain machinery                             1 set

vertical self-sliding motorized hoist                        52 sets

Smart90 console                                                       1 unit

Smart70 console                                                       1 unit

M1 interface cabinet                                               2 units

Smart300 frequency conversion control system 1 set