Metro City Theatre Above

Shanghai, 2015

 Shanghai Metro City Theatre Above is located on No. 1111 Zhaojiabang road, Shanghai City, which is the shopping and entertainment center of Xujiahui district. The place where the Metro City was the original Xuhui theatre used to be, who was demolished in the l990s when constructing the Xujiahui CBD. Since then, "Rebuild a theatre and make a Dream come true" has been the expectation of the people in Xujiahui District. The completed Theatre Above is located on the 5th  floor of Metro City, covers an area of 2530㎡ , which could hold 700 audiences. Being stationed by Stan Lai’s performance workshop, the Theatre Above will become the first Fashion Drama Art Center located in a shopping mall in Shanghai.

Equipment list:

Fire curtain 1 set

Circular turntable 1 set

Proscenium curtain machinery 1 set

False proscenium 1 set

Vertical self-sliding motorized hoist 37 sets

Two access movement side lighting bracket 2 sets

CAT control system 1 set