SCT 3-access movement hoist

This product is special for the television studio, which is composed of three driving parts, including lifting, horizontal movement, and rotation.

Our SC (Studio Class) SERIES includes two motor capacities and three installation possibilities (Under grid, Over grid and Self Climbing) that are related to each other by admissible loads required mainly for lighting suspension. Using the in-house developed S3 technology this SERIES is very flexible within the client use.

Including a flat wire cable for lighting and two CE plugs 32A and a DMX plug on the electric bar this is a very compact solution (other electric configurations upon request – Schuko, DMX, Ethernet, Video, etc.).

On technical safety, this model includes a soft start and stop frequency converter, UP and DOWN operational and safety limit switches, double electric brake (according to DIN 56950) as well as an option for overload and slack wire system to be within a BVG C1 norm application.


Model: SCT200

Travel: 15m

Capacity: 200kg

Bar length: 2.5m

Speed: 10m/min

Horizontal movement speed: 5m/min

Revolving speed: 180°/30s

Cable: 4X5mm

Positioning accuracy: ±2mm

Independent B level VDE 0530

Built-in temperature protection


IP54 (DIN 40025)

Static and dynamic irreversibility



2 DMX512