SF series motorized hoist

SF (Slim Flex) series is featured with small size, lightweight, easy installation characteristics.

It is the 4th generation of the self-sliding hoist, which was researched and developed by maquinas independently. ASS intelligent security system and S3 cable self-sliding system are built in this device.

With its unique structure design, SF series can be installed both vertically and horizontally, making it flexible to install on site.

ASS intelligent security system contains:

Load detection security system

This is a unique and dependable hanging approach in the theater.

The system detects an initial load as a reference, and then monitors the change of movement in real-time. Hoist will stop automatically if the load exceeds the set rated load.

Upper and lower limit safety protection system

Each device has two sets of upper and lower limit switches, one is for limit position protection, and the other is over-travel protection.

Slack-wire and overlapping protection system

Each pulley is equipped with this safety protection system.

Equipment will shut down automatically once any cable occurs wire slacking or overlapping.

Over speed protection

According to the speed difference to confirm emergency and stop automatically by the speed sensor installed on the motor or gear shaft.

Safe brake system

Use two sets of independent power failure safety brakes, one is acted to delay the movement. Each brake is designed with double safety factor and linked emergency braking of the control system, once there happens over-travel, overload or over-speed, the system will shut down automatically at once.