Smart 90 PLC control system

The Smart series PLC control system has a friendly HM interface with reliable control functions. It is a Chinese & English operator interface that is easy to manipulate.

The system has pre-selection, motion parameters setting, grouping, scene-memorizing, scene sequencing,

checking equipment default, manual intervention and a series of professional manipulation functions.

By sharing network, the console monitors and hot-backup automatically through data switch and network system. Data can be exchanged with each other in real-time. Data in other consoles also get changed simultaneously when the main console data is changing.


Redundant console

Ergonomic design

Industrial Ethernet communication protocol

No data loss when there is sudden cut off

Two industrial computers redundant design, double reliability, stability and anti-jamming capability

Two 19'' industrial touch screens double backup manipulation, operate both simultaneously or control one separately.

Two independent speed levers, switch speed freely

Speed lever with security function to prevent misoperation

Emergency stop button

Powerful scene editing and operation function

Symmetrical design of speed levers on both sides, suitable for right-handed and left-handed people

1366X768 resolution

Working LED gooseneck lamp

Dimension: 740X431X205mm