Tianchan YiFu Theatre

Shanghai, 2014

Shanghai Tianchan YiFu theater, formerly known as Shanghai Tianchan Stage, founded in 1921, is a well-known Peking Opera Theater at home and abroad.

For the past hundred years, famous masters from Northern and Southern part of China have a strong affection to this stage. Four Famous Dan Actors: Lanfang Mei, Yanqiu Cheng, Xiaoyun Shang, Huisheng Xun; Four Famous Xusheng (male role) Fuying Tan, Lianliang Ma, BaoSen Yang, XiaoBo Xi, masters of the like from

North and South were all performed on that stage. There is a famous saying in the opera circle, “He who doesn’t perform in Tianchan Theatre is not a famous actor”. Therefore, the thriving scene has become a landscape in Shanghai.

Proscenium width 14.6m* height 7m* depth 14.5m.

Equipment list:

Proscenium curtain machinery 1 set

Vertical self-sliding motorized hoist 32 sets

Safety protection shell 32 units

Smart90 console 1 unit

Smart70 console 1 unit

M1 interface cabinet 2 units

Smart300 frequency conversion control system 1 set