Research and development

From the past 70 years experience, through our established worldwide partner and distribution network, standard or tailored mechanical automated movement solutions from concept to completion for theaters, opera houses, multipurpose halls, auditoriums, studios and other venues within the theatre, television and touring entertaining industries.We abide to our motto “solid standards, new engineering” and this is shown by an ongoing innovation philosophy.

Technology is what we are as an engineering company, as such, we integrate innovation through an all team discussion in every project and product, demanding a continuous technical improvement.

In the last ten years we have strongly invested in our research and development department as well as on our production capability to cope with the increasing demand from our clients while maintaining our technical quality standard.

At the present time the new revised Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC has been a huge step from the European Union to harmonize the standards related to machinery, as a result many of the requirements overpass even some of the most demanding safety standards long used in the entertaining industry. But this is a general purpose document that relates to all machinery and not only to stage engineering so our company, is constantly updating their knowledge with the help of a independent third party to stay within the latest norms and standards that apply to our products on design, manufacturing, assembly, testing, installation and user integration. Some of the most important are:

· DIN 56950 Entertainment technology, Machinery installations Safety requirements and testing

· ISO/DIS 12100 Safety of machinery — General principles for design, risk assessment and risk reduction

· BVG C 1 Accident-Prevention Regulation for Staging and Production Facilities for the Entertainment Industry and China' s cultural industry standards

Mechanical Equipment on Stages-Upper Stage-Safety Requirements WH/T28-2007

Mechanical Equipment on Stages-Under Stage-Safety Requirements WH/T36-2009

Mechanical Equipment on Stages-Acceptance Test Procedures WH/T27-2007

Mechanical Equipment on Stages-Operating and Maintenance Instructions WH/T37-2009